Back from Break : latest tidbits

I took a break from blogging. Traveling, personal issues , multiple deaths in my family all took their toll. I had started writing for an online community about horses. Sounds great , right? Except, I was lacking passion. My drive, my passion, lost in the required formatting of rules and regulations. My heart is not into writing ” how to ” articles. Passionate people inspire passion in others. Oddly enough I was inspired by another to return to blog land . I say oddly because her blog is gone. Yet I am thankful our paths cross. A ripple.. that’s all it takes. One person to another.

With so much going on in the world these days it is no wonder that we often lose focus.

If a million people donated a dollar – we’d have a million dollars. Sounds simplistic right? Wonderful movements start with one.

I’m not a fan of designer dogs. Sure, they are cute. Damn cute. However, the undiscriminating breeders have added to the over population. The abundance of designer dogs, even at higher prices, continue to add to the growing number of dogs tossed by the wayside after the cuteness is gone. Two different  breeds bred together make half breed mutts. Understand that I’m not against mutts – I’m simply against breeding said purebred dog outside the breed. Breeders are not giving thought to health issues that might rise from cross breeding. They are not concerned with the rising numbers of animals being abandoned or euthanized. They are not breeding to raise the breeds standards , but to make money. At what cost ?

Two years ago the number of animals entering the shelters was 6-8 million – with half of those animals being put to sleep.  25% were purebreds.. The numbers are on the rise. One third of the dogs in California shelters were chihuahuas. In early June nearly 700 cats were removed from horrible conditions. 700.

If every city of 30, 000 killed 100 animals a month… 1200 a year… multiplied by the number of cities..  the number is boggling… make a difference. Neuter and spay your pets.

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