Where the Mustangs Roam…

Recapping the past couple of months:

This past summer saw an abundance of  mustangs rounded up .  Wild mustangs taken from their families, their homeland… to be taken to holding pens. There are now over 36, 000 mustangs kept in these holding pens. How much money do you think it costs to feed this many horses?  Millions. How much was it really costing to allow these horses ( protected since 1971 ) to live freely on the range ?

 The BLM had decided to remove horses from the Calico herd.. result ? 150 dead. The BLM decided to remove mustangs at Tuscarora at the beginning of July.. day 1 results? 7 dead.  While the BLM continue to deny any wrong doing the truth is in the evidence. Dead mustangs. My mustangs. Your mustangs. These mustangs belong to the people.. and WE are the people.  This is cruel and irresponsible mismanagement. Way to go !

Horses were rounded up by the BLM in the Pilot Creek Valley area near Wendover and auctioned off in Fallon on July 10.. headed for slaughter. According to the BLM 2009 report these were mustangs. According to the 2010 report, these horses were estrays and as such were allowed to be sold at the Fallon auction which was comprised of  horse “slaughter” buyers.

But the tide is turning. A 2 year independant study of the wild mustangs has been issued. Will the results of the study be able to save the mustangs in time? We shall see.

On September 13, 2010, the District Court of Idaho granted Advocates for the West a victory in an important case under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and ordered the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to disclose to the public basic information on its grazing program – including the names of livestock permittees authorized to grazing the public lands.” Check out the blog http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/ 

And to think that I was called a liar by a Flickrite when I stated that the BLM was removing horses to allow cattlemen grazing access… which is another tab picked up by the people.. for the Cattlemen. Because the $2 and change unit fee per month is nothing… and the Public pays the rest…

Think about it… talk about it.. write about it…

3 thoughts on “Where the Mustangs Roam…

  1. There are more reasons for the BLM’s extermination campaign than just cattle, although that IS one of the reasons and has been ever since the BLM was put in charge of the wild horses.

    But now, we have an even more powerful player in the game – Big Energy. They want the horses off the ranges so they can dig more open pit mines and other extractive interests, most of which are NOT even American owned.

    Then of course, there’s the Ruby pipeline which will be an environmental disaster as well as an excuse to remove horses. Guess who is the largest stakeholder in this pipeline, second only to El Paso itself: Of course! BP!

  2. You are absolutely correct. I actually wrote about the Ruby pipeline elsewhere… and added all of this info into a letter to Obama. I’m happy to see other people are commenting and sharing their knowledge – Thank you!

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