People are adamantly fighting changes – regardless of their standpoint. It’s a natural reaction for us humans.

There is nothing humane about slaughter . It doesn’t matter if the animal is a cow, a sheep or a horse. I’m a vegetarian for many reasons. Do I find the slaughtering of animals cruel? Yes! Do I say unto you ” eat only vegetables?” No. The truth is that we all make personal choices… and our ancestors fought hard to allow us the freedom to do so and to speak freely. I refuse to eat meat. I will continue to make ripples wherever possible. Our lives are journeys of free will.

I’m an advocate of change, humane change – for all creatures great and small.

Slaughtering horses, wild or domesticated…. that’s not humane. Shooting wolves from helicopters – that’s not humane. Neither are many of the conditions that animals are housed in, transported in.

People who toss out their horses, their dogs… kittens…. are adding to the problems we are always facing – a surplus of pets. Again, much of this condition boils down to the pet owners not being responsible. Spay, neuter and the usage of free ads helps keep the pet #s down..and the pets safer. Don’t breed!

Don’t just respond with your emotions – Do Something! Adopt, rescue, donate, Advocate!!!!

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