“Clean up the Department of Agriculture.” Wednesday April 23rd


Representatives from wild horse groups convened in Carson City Saturday to develop a coordinated plan to address the threat to the wild horses of the Virginia Range by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.  The groups’ immediate objectives include pressuring the Department to be honest with citizens and lawmakers, securing lasting protections for the Virginia Range horses, and educating the public about the horses and how they have been managed.
Members of the Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates plan to stage a demonstration Wednesday, April 23rd, with the theme, “Clean up the Department of Agriculture.”  The demonstrators will be in front of the State Legislative Assembly Building between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.
The advocates are protesting a plan by the Nevada Department of Agriculture to remove large numbers of horses from the Virginia Range. They argue that the plan is based on false descriptions of the conditions of the range and horses, and a fabricated “crisis.”
On Thursday, April 22nd Singer-songwriter Lacy J. Dalton and advocate Willis Lamm will be appearing on the Cory Farley show on Sparks radio station KBZZ at 10:00 AM.  The station can be heard at 1270 AM.  Dalton and Lamm will answer listeners’ questions about the Virginia Range horse issue.  The listener call in phone number is 775-823-1920.

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