Mustangs under attack!

Hi All:If you work with mustangs or know anyone who is interested in wild
mustangs you should be aware of what the BLM is planning on doing.
Yesterday I attended one of only 2 open meetings that the Wild Horse
and burro Commission holds for the BLM each year. It happened to be in
Tucson and Ginger Kathrens from the Cloud Foundation was there, too.
She flimed the award winning documentaries about Cloud, the Wild
Mustang for PBS and is currently working on a third film about the
Pryor Mustangs along the Monatana – Wyoming border.

This commission has recommended that the BLM sell 2 horses for one at
the current price of $25, that the stallions in long term holding be
gelded and re-released and that all adoptees be given instant title
to their horse(s). Currently all adopters have to wait one year and
the horses new iving situation evaluated before they can get papers
to legally own the adopted horse. This means that with intsant
titling the horses can instantly be resold. As one board member,
Larry Johnson said, who proposed these changes, “This would open up
the Canadian market”. Now Canada is already shipping many PMU horses
to the US for adoption, so I doubt they need that many more mustangs
for riding horses. Instead, Canada does have a slaughter house in

The BLM has also recommended that the size of Cloud’s herd be reduced
to only 92 horses, which would not leave a genetically viable gene
pool of breeding horses in the wild. Cloud himself could be
captured. It was quite apparent at the meeting that this commission
has the ultimate goal of eliminating all wild mustangs from the wild
in the US in violation of the current federal law which protects wild
horses and allows them to have free range in Western states.

For more information on this subject contact the BLM directly or go
to the Cloud Foudation website: o


2 thoughts on “Mustangs under attack!

  1. Katie, it’s me, boulies. Thank you for making people aware of what is happening to the mustangs and allowing us to do something about it. You’re doing great work in helping there cause. What a wonderful human being you are.

    I signed the petition and gave a small donation to the cause. I’ll keep checking back to see how things are progressing and will help some more.

    Thank you!

  2. Boulies, welcome!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this – and for your donation! Everything helps! I’ve a need to address the latest law changes soon…

    Thank you again!

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