More bull in Texas!

Texas Senate, Without Debate, Inserts Language Legalizing Horse Slaughter
into S. 911

Austin, TX (May 9, 2007) – The Texas State Senate last night approved an
amendment to S. 911, with the aim of overturning the state’s 1949 law that
makes the practice of horse slaughter illegal , without any debate. This
action comes just months after a federal appellate court ruled that a 1949
Texas statute bans the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Animal
protection groups, horse industry organizations and leaders, equine and
rank-and-file veterinarians are calling for the House to reject this
legislation and to maintain the ban on horse slaughter for human

“Texas citizens overwhelmingly oppose horse slaughter,” said Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) President and CEO Wayne Pacelle. “A 2003 Texas voter poll showed that 72 percent of Texans oppose horse slaughter for human consumption, and 77 percent would vote against any member of the legislature who supported a repeal of the existing horse slaughter ban.”

Horse slaughter plants are a drain on the local economy. The two Texas horse slaughter plants are foreign-owned and employ fewer than 130 low-paid, mostly migrant workers. The slaughter process requires US Department of Agriculture inspectors, costing US taxpayers hundred of thousands of dollars. In addition, the horse slaughter plants use accounting loopholes to pay little or no US taxes – sending all their profits to their foreign owners while causing economic strain on local communities.

“Texas has a good strong law against slaughter that reflects the attitudes
of the people of the state,” said Ed Sayres, president & CEO, ASPCA® (The
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®). “We must not
let a measure that did not even go up for debate overturn what the people
find inhumane and unacceptable.”

“We hope that Texas legislators oppose this amendment or any other attempt to legalize horse slaughter in the State of Texas,” said Chris Heyde, deputy legislative director of the Society for Animal Protective Legislation
(SAPL). “Protecting our horses from slaughter is a priority for Texans and
all Americans.”



Rachel Querry (HSUS) – 301-258-8255
Shonali Burke (ASPCA) – 212-876-7700 x4565
Chris Heyde (SAPL) – 703-836-4300

2 thoughts on “More bull in Texas!

  1. Katie,
    With the abundance of blogs out there about cats and dogs, it’s good to see one about horses! You seem like you’re really into horses and I’m sure you’ve been paying attention to the news out there lately about anti-slaughter legislation. It’s a big deal —horses are important, domestic animals that should be treated humanely like the cats and dogs that many of us love, too.

    I thought you might be interested in learning about The National Horse Protection League. It’s a new online community dedicated to horses and the people who love them — people just like you. We want to make sure that horses are kept out of slaughterhouses, and that they’re taken care of on the track, in the fields and in barns. But NHPL is about more than just horse safety; it’s a community of horse-lovers. Our members can post pictures and stories about their favorite horses, comment on our blog, and check out features like horse art, equine care updates, and the latest news about the horse world.

    We’d love for you to take a look at our site,, and let your readers know about it. The only way to get horses they attention they deserve is by spreading the word.


  2. why, pray tell, should horses be slaughtered to feed any other creature… fin, flora, fauna, or whatever? 😦

    i hope all my american brothers and sisters, not just texans, rise up and demand an immediate stop to this outrage! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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